August 7, 2013

Headshots are the core of our business at Art of Headshots Studio. A Modern Portrait Studio dedicated to the Art of Headshots. If you are a person that values your professional trait, a Modern Portrait of a Headshot is essential to your branding.

At Art of Headshots we also provide support, training and services to other photographers in major cities in Canada. Unfortunately photographers have been taught to photograph objects and subjects instead of people and their humanity. Our first lesson is to unlearn what they think they know and learn communication and listening skills.

Modern Portraits, Head shots or Headshots. However you want to call it is usually captured by professional photographers that offer a distinctive style. Some photographers are meticulous about lighting and the placement of backgrounds offering outstanding exposure but with a lifeless person, while other photographers are about the spirit inside the person. Making the Headshot about the spirit.

What makes a great Headshot?

Dr.-David-Lee-Headshot-WEBIt’s a subjective question, but whenever a wife calls me about her husband’s portrait or the other way around? I know we did something right and it is usually the same remark, “I love how your captured Dr. Lee, revealing his Essence”, by Mrs. Lee.

My experience is that the better the person inside the body is revealed the greater appeal is produced. Today, I had a mother of a 25 year old client call me about his Headshot taken 15 yrs ago, he left our world far too young with much more to offer.
Regretfully his image captures his spirit.

Art of Headshots by Carlos Taylhardat.


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