Art of Headshots Video Session

September 1, 2015

We wanted our potential clients to see a session or session’s alive to familiarize with our work and system.  Enjoy this very brief video of three photography sessions.

I am fortunate to be employed by a photographer studio where my job is to listen to the energy of my clients and then capture it.  Over the years I photographed headshots of people who have just arrived or surpassed 100 yrs old, some of my clients were homeless while others are worth billion of dollars but am equally honoured to be their photographer.

Some clients are Young CEO’s while other’s are seasoned, some are chasing the stars while other have already reached them.  Regardless of where they are, a breakthrough during a session, gives the best results for producing an exciting image.

Consider that somehow we can almost hear or understand the moment that transpired during a session, if my clients were bored, scared or unmotivated – you would have seen it.  But if we had a great and meaningful interaction during a session, you would see their beautiful energy.

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