Headshots for Casting Calls

April 22, 2015

Headshots for casting calls in Vancouver this Summer of 2015 has never been more important and exciting.  Our low dollar, our expertise, the geographical area and safety of paparazzi has made Vancouver a success for outstanding productions.

James Lipton’s Advice for Aspiring Actors by WSJ_Live
How would you prepare for a casting call, if it arises?  My opinion is have a great headshot for the opportunity, James Lipton’s advice is to be prepared for the opportunity  so you can cease the moment.  Who is better equipped to advice than James Lipton the host of “Inside the Actor’s Studio”.

I could add a list of Actor’s he interviewed by James including Amy Adam, Ben Affleck, Cate Blanchett, Clint Eastwood, Robert De Niro…  But is easier to simply say that he has interviewed them all, and I mean the greatest.

Here is the list of some Casting Calls for Vancouver, now and the Summer of 2015, be prepared to be amazed by my shortlist of productions being shot in Vancouver, but there is even more than what is included.

Star Trek 3 (film)

star trek into darkness zachary quinto chris pine1Star Trek 3 (film)

Shooting June 1 to September.

Army of One ( film )

Nicolas Cage   66%C3%A8me Festival de Venise MostraShooting March 30 to May 22

Shut In ( film )

shutterstock 203523010

March 30 to April 24

DeadPool ( film )

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

March 23 to May 29

We have also a list of outstanding television productions, Arrow, Backstrom, Continuum, Fear of the Walking Dead, The Flash, Once Upon a Time, The 100, Supernatural, The Girl in Photographs and my favourite because it was the show to watch in the 90’s and is now returning to Vancouver X-Files.

List of Vancouver’s most notable casting director’s, Clark and Page Casting, Heike Brandstatter, Stuart Aikins, Sean Cossey, Candice Elzinga, Jackie Lind, Tiffany Mak and Michelle Allen.









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