Headshots Complaints

Complaints about one’s headshots is one of the most common interactions I have with my clients prior to realizing a headshot to replace their previous protrait.  I’d like to share some of successful complaints realized into a headshot worthy of my clients professionalism and livelihood.

It is my favourite opportunity as a professional headshot photographer to fix headhsots taken by other photographers, aficionado’s or by friends.

If you are reading this article and you were one of the professional photographers who captured the before headshot of one of my clients?  My intention is not to humiliate anyone but to simply illustrate what clients has as portraits prior to visiting Art of Headshots.

Douglas R R AndersonDA of Top Talent before





Douglas Anderson Portraits018


DA of Top Talent, NOW















Elizabeth Perez


Elizabeth Perez, before headshot photographed by a professional photographer dedicated to headhsots for Sunlife Corporation.




Elizabeth Perez


Elizabeth Perez, NOW


JP Letnick





Jp Letnick of Saphire SEO, before

JP Headshot


JP Letnick, NOW

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