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February 10, 2014

Looking for headshot photographers in Vancouver?

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This search term has 50,000 local queries and 7 advertisers in the first page and a crazy google+ account with an image of a cat.  Note that  was the case in 2014, now in 2018 it has changed the local queries have trippled and the photographes including ourselves has become professional.

How do you decide to choose a headshot photographer in Vancouver?  Or any city in the World?  I could end this article by simply asking you to choose Art of Headshots, but that would not be objective.

In this article, I will not mention any names of headshot photographers, but I will help you – the reader become well informed of what to look in choosing a photographer dedicated to the art of headshots.  The following are the most important criteria to look for:  a) Integrity of Business b) Specialty and Dedication c) Portfolio and d) Professionalism.

a) Integrity of Business

The integrity of business is the most important piece to decide and it has become easy now that we have social media.  One could look at a great website, call the service provider and feel great to only realize that extra costs, hidden contracts, images being spread or sold around the web or worse.Mickelson-Photography-Vancouver

Google places, Google + has a setting that allows a business owner to have clients write reviews.  Once you have shortlisted a few possible studios or photographer agencies search for their name and look for Google reviews.

Easily one can decipher real reviews as it will have different stories of clients experiences.  Some will be delighted and others will not, but you have to accept the sum of the reviews and decide if you can identify with the point of views.  Unfortunately, every successful studio will have a jealous competitor slandering their good name.

Beware of a site that shows up well and doesn’t allow clients to review.  Why wouldn’t they?

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Headshots Vancouver Portrait Photographer in Vancouver.

b) Specialty and Dedication

If you are looking for a pet photographer, hire a photographer specializing in pets.  A pet expert with an understanding of dog behavior, have tools for dogs to act in certain ways and certainly one would expect them to have the passion for dogs.  Similarly, why hire a wedding photographer, a product photographer or any other photographer for headshots than a headshot photographer?

Headshot photographers usually have a background in psychology and an ability to draw the best inside their clients ( a product photographer would call it a subject).  The only similarity between different industries is that they both use a camera to photograph, otherwise, a Wedding Photographer sells images and usually will not grant you full access of your file, a product photographer moves and molds the subject into the perfect location and lighting, for people it just doesn’t work the same way.

c) Portfolio

Do not choose a photographer with repeated images of just one person, images of models or portfolio’s for all things like products, weddings, traveling, etc…

221Royal New Westminster Army Photographs and Portraits

Stan Conway World War II Veteran

Look for images of regular people of all walks of life and if the photographer manages to make everyone stand out – wow.  Go to session a) find out about other client experiences and see if the professional is in your budget range.

d) Professionalism

Once you have decided to go ahead with a photographer.  Find out what their terms for delivery?  How long do they take?  Do they give you full rights for the files?  Do they have a studio or will they force you to photograph outside? What sort of guarantees are included?

Hope you found this article helpful towards finding a suitable photographer as there are a few in Vancouver and a few in every major city in North America.  Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions regarding how to chose a headshot photographer.

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About the author,

Carlos Taylhardat is the principal photographer for Art of Headshots in Vancouver, BC.


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