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June 18, 2013

Are you getting a headshot done and would like some advice regarding how to choose a photographer, what to wear and how to brand yourself?

The following advice should help most professionals looking for headshot advice, but feel free to contact us  via email – contact@artofheadshots.com or by phone (604) 506-1766 , should you need more assistance.

Headshot of JP

Professional Headshot captured in Olympic Village, Vancouver

How to choose an Headshots photographer?

a) Hire a specialist, not a generalist, you and your branding should be more important than that.

b) Make sure the photographer allows you to use files.  Some Wedding photographers are most interested in selling prints than your branding needs and will charge you for printing your images.

c) Look at the portfolio and find someone that resembles who you are and want to be captured.  Having images of professional models, or the same person repeated multiple of times is a red flag.

d) Look for google reviews for the headshot photographer, read some of the reviews it will be insightful information.

What advice do you have about what to wear?

a) Dress confidently and accurately depicting who you are on a regular day to day basis.

b) Stay away from loud patterns as it will retract from who you are.

d) Be professional for what is a standard or above the standards.

What looks to have?

a) I hate this question, a professional portrait photographer will help you reveal your best…  Worry about hiring the right photographer and the look will find itself.

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