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Dr. Bill is an app used by over 1,000 Canadian physicians to manage their billing. Available on iOS, Android & web.

Researchers at one of the nation’s largest insurers are teaming with mHealth experts to create a security platform that eliminates the traditional – and very unsafe – password, replacing it with analytical tools that can identify a user through everything from keyboard strokes to how one walks.

“This problem is only going to get worse,” he said, “and we need a fundamental shift in authentication technology” to address the issue.

Heemsoth took the presentation to the next level, calling password-based authentication “a grave area of concern” in healthcare.

“The sensitive thing about healthcare data is … you can’t take it back” once it has been hacked, he said. “You can’t re-issue it. Once that healthcare data is compromised, you can’t take it back.”

According to Heemsoth, roughly half of those with password-based authentication write those passwords down on paper, while 25 percent use easy passwords and more than 30 percent use those passwords more than once. Finally, he said, 50 percent have five or more passwords.

In 2016 alone, he said, some 3 billion passwords or user Ids were reported stolen.

In the not-so-distant future, that type of theft might be prevented simply by how someone carries a smartphone or taps on the keys.

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