Difference between actor headshots and corporate headshots

November 30, 2015

Article Headline: Difference between actor headshots & corporate headshots Article Description: What is the difference between actor headshots and corporate headshots? Learn the purpose of each type of professional headshots. Published Date: November 30, 2015 Modified Date: March 22, 2017 Publisher Name: Art of Headshots Studios

Actor Headshots vs Corporate Headshot

what is the meaning of an Actor Headshot vs Corporate Headshots

I’m often asked by clients about the difference between corporate headshots and actor headshots. Corporate clients and actors both regard their professional images as important promotional tools, to be taken seriously.

For an actor, who has not yet developed a substantial body of work, the headshot is the primary tool for attracting the attention of a casting agent. Casting agents have rules about what the headshot should look like. For example, the headshot should clearly and accurately represent the actor, yet also convey sufficient charisma or openness that with a little imagination, a casting agent can project different roles onto the image. Of course, the headshot also needs to inspire confidence in the possibility of a working relationship. Actors depend more on their headshots than those in the corporate or executive domain, since greater emphasis is placed upon image where acting is concerned. Yet, image is also important for other professionals.

Most business executives and professionals appreciate the power of a first impression and take their image seriously. They want a headshot that reflects their personality and professionalism. An artist, for example, can wear jeans as a suitable reflection of that industry, whereas an account executive needs to inspire a different kind of trust and will usually wear a suit and tie. The rules for a professional headshots are more relaxed than for actors. My success in headshot photography is based upon my ability to balance professionalism with a high degree of openness to your unique personality, as well as sensitivity to the kinds of image and tone required by your field.

Most popular sites for business headshots are the “about us” page and linkedIn.com.

Actor’s will use their agen sites and http://www.castingworkbook.com/

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