5 common questions, 5 minutes upon entering Art of Headshots Studio

August 25, 2015

The following are the 5 most common questions asked 5 minutes upon entering Art of Headshots Studio by our new clients.

1 – The most common question upon entering my door is, ” I don’t like having my pictures taken “, which I usually reply by offering a tea, coffee or a harder drink for some.  I would be surprised if a dentist hears ” I don’t like having my teeth pulled “, as often as I hear ” I don’t like having my pictures taken “.

Please be assured that its only from new clients, our returned clients will ask me if I still have the same tea.

Art of Headshots Facebook Logo2 –I don’t like… ( a particular facial feature )”, this is a deep obstacle to overcome for clients.  Clients who are avoiding a certain facial features may also have lifelong beliefs about that particular item, in spite of often being the only one’s noticing them ( I am generalizing because its individual, complicated and personal ).  Personally, I have a big nose and there is no hiding my nose.  If my shoot evolved around hiding my nose, a photographer may be successful at decreasing the appearance of a larger nose but sacrificing all other elements that make a great headshot session.  Such as capturing one’s beautiful energy.

3 –My last photographer did this and that… “.  Often I hear horror stories about other photographers that made the client feel uncomfortable or lacked emotional savviness.  I have learned more about what not to do from experiences told about my competitors.

4 – ” My last photographer was amazing… “, believe it or not this is more difficult to overcome than the previous.  If a client has established a great rapport and relationship with another  photographer who is no longer available is tough because the difference between my services and that of another professional is a matter of whether one likes blue or red.  Its subjective, we are professional and talented and not for everyone, but for most.

5 – ” What clothing should I wear? “.  Have fun with three or less looks during a session, just be careful not to make a session about the clothing  because its all about you and your beautiful energy.

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