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Corporate Headshots of Pooja

“Who sees the human face correctly, the photographer, the mirror or the artist?” Pablo Picasso As a corporate headshots photographer, I would have to answer that it’s the photographer. And I would also have to disagree with Picasso. In a meaningful corporate headshot, “the human face” is but one feature of the image. But it is not the most […]

Vancouver photography

Natural beauty and the great weather are some of the things that make Vancouver an outstanding place to take pictures. Vancouver has many great locations to take pictures; here are some of the bet spots to take unforgettable pictures.   Stanley Park This is the most loved spot by photographers it is a vast land […]

Professional Headshots in Vancouver

Art of Headshot is a company specializing in professional headshots in Vancouver.  We achieve great results by our unique methodological approach for capturing fine headshots. Our headshots have four stages, starting from our shooting style, right through the final product; Stage 1 – Shooting Style We shoot our subject in our guided lights studio or […]

Advantages of Professional Photography for Large and Small Businesses

Over the past few decades professional photography has really evolved. Nowadays, professional photographers are cheaper considering that one can hire them to cover their birthday party, wedding and baptism celebrations. That being said there are different types of professional photographers ranging from those who just buy a digital camera and have had some formal instruction […]

modeling headshots

Modeling Headshots Modeling headshots are branding images of a person to show his or her beauty and ability to wear and illustrate fashion. Modeling headshots differ from actor headshots and corporate headshots.  A corporate headshot usually is a portrait for the website ( about us page ), social media and other marketing materials,  while an […]

head shots

President of Citloc

Want to know about head shots? We are a company called Art of Headshots specializing in modern portraits, for today’s needs.  Which is precisely our definition of a head shot or headshots ( word does not exist in a dictionary, but will – soon ). Long time ago portraits were something that only celebrities and […]

Best Headshot Photographer

I am in search of what others may consider the best Headshot photographer ever.  As you may know I am the photographer for Art of Headshots ( www.artofheadshots.com ), I am fully dedicated to the practice of Headshots. I am looking for your feedback regarding who may be the best modern portrait ( Headshot ), […]

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