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Early Headshot for Jennifer Lawrence, courtesy Jennifer Lawrence

Celebrity Headshots

Let’s pretend to be casting agents rather than viewers of celebrity headshots, and contemplate for yourself – who would you hire for a timeless movie production?  Just for fun contemplate these headshots of three male celebrities, before they became famous.  Can you guess the celebrity headshots? Example a) Who is this young man?  He will […]

Actor Headshots

Actor Headshots are portraits for casting, or for the directors and casting agents to consider and evaluate the person auditioning for a role.  What about having a headshot to become a movie star? Years have I photographed actors in the industry and continue to be stunned by the lack of acknowledgement and creativity towards headshots. […]

A Family Portrait to Celebrate BC’s first Family Day

Family Portrait of one of our newest  and esteemed headshots client, Natacha Beim.  Natacha’s was chosen to commemorate BC’s newest Holiday, Family Day.  I chose this portrait because her family touched my heart and encourages me as a guide on how to be with my own young family. Natacha is the founder and CEO of […]

Photographer for entrepreneurs

Don Gavreau

  Art of Headshots congratulates Don Gavreau, last Augusts, Headshots client, for winning the Top 40 under 40.  Business in Vancouver diligently awarded 40 Entrepreneurs for this prestigious award, Don was the top winner. Being a photographer for Entrepreneurs, privileged me the honour of capturing people achieving excellence.  Please read Business Vancouver for a full article about Don’s Pharma […]

Portrait Photographer

Portrait Photographer, Carlos Taylhardat of Art of Headshots will participate in three more Veteran Portrait project shows to be scheduled for 2013, including one more photography session to be taken in March at the New Westminster Armoury.  As photographer dedicated to capturing portraits, few experiences match the honor of capturing the essence inside our brave Canadian […]

head shot

Head Shot is still considered a slang word, but becoming a popular name for portrait photography.  Currently, there are three completely different definitions for the word headshots, head shot or headshot.  Commonly used in photography to describe a branding profile image, in the NHL for a hit in the head ( National Hockey League)  and […]

head shots

Carlos Taylhardat

HEADSHOTS It never ceases to amaze me how little business professional know about headshots ( a head shot ) and the importance for a business professional to brand his or her greatest asset through a photograph that clearly illustrates a glimpse of the person inside the captured image. Recently, I participated in a linked in […]


Art of Headshots, Vancouver Portrait studio is changing the website design over the next few days.  Please standby throughout the process, if a gallery of your portrait is not displaying properly, please call us to assist you with the new website. Thank You, Carlos

Why do you need a headshot


Why do you need a headshot?  It surprises me that business coaches, marketing professionals and even social media guru’s don’t realize how important it is to have a professional portrait for moder needs. Its my first question when responding to a clients inquiry ” why do you need a headshot?”, the following are some of […]

Portrait Studio Headshots, photographed in Vancouver

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