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Black Lives Matter; in 2020 racism isn’t acceptable and much less a system that purposefully or mistakenly promotes racism. We at Art of Headshots, care, care about the evolution of a better society for all. While in High School I joined the Rugby team and played bench all year because I was the shortest player […]

the power of photography

Vancouver photography

Natural beauty and the great weather are some of the things that make Vancouver an outstanding place to take pictures. Vancouver has many great locations to take pictures; here are some of the bet spots to take unforgettable pictures.   Stanley Park This is the most loved spot by photographers it is a vast land […]

A Family Portrait to Celebrate BC’s first Family Day

Family Portrait of one of our newest  and esteemed headshots client, Natacha Beim.  Natacha’s was chosen to commemorate BC’s newest Holiday, Family Day.  I chose this portrait because her family touched my heart and encourages me as a guide on how to be with my own young family. Natacha is the founder and CEO of […]

Networking with a purpose to end homelessness in Vancouver

Sid Last Saturday I  was invited to capture Headshots for two Homeless people in Vancouver invited speaking at a Networking Group.  I have always been concerned about the downtown Eastside and wished I could help? Ricky Shetty is uniting business people and the homeless with the purpose to end homelessness in Vancouver.  Ricky’s plan is simple, […]

Canadians Exploit Immigrants

Dear Art of Headshtos readers, Today I am sharing a little bit about my life as a response to a linked in conversation that has interested a great deal of people…  I am looking forward to your comments… “ We Canadians value political correctness and say great things. The truth is that we exploit Immigrants – […]

Will Rogers, The Million Dollar Journey

One of my favorite perks about being a Portrait Photographer is capturing images of people doing great things. Today I am writing about Will Rogers a 24 years Veteran Paramedic, and an outstanding Canadian Ironman athlete who run, biked and swimming over 960 Km’s in total to bring attention to the importance of stopping sexual […]

Ole, Ole, Ole FIFA Headshots

With respect to my Dutch friends, and supporters of Netherlands, Felicitaciones a Espana -Congratulations to Spain. Why am I writing about FIFA, if art of headshots blog is dedicated to Portrait Photography? Please consider FIFA cinematographers to be Headshots fan, although they may not know it. In my opinion some of the best images represent […]

Welcome to 2010

HAPPY NEW YEARS Wishing you all Happy New Years. Please drive safely, its not worth the risk. Part 4 of Headshots for Casting to continue on January 2nd, 2009. Please feel free to suggest us your ideas of content to be covered to better help the community of individuals needing fine portraits for Acting, Executive […]

Olympic are coming to Vancouver

We are so close to the Olympic season! How is that going to affect regular Vancouverite’s? Should we take a month off to attend the olympics, and embrace the Olympic spirit? Will we continue with our daily lives oblivious about the Olympics? Please let me know your thoughts? Carlos Taylhardat Art of Headshots

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