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Headshots for Auditions

Being a professional photographer with more years of experience than I care to admit, has afforded me the privilege to photograph headshots for auditions, success and to land career in acting. The aim of this article is to provide an understanding of what is a headshot for an audition. How to pick a style and […]

Why headshots are important

Actor’s Headshots, be real

Celebrity Headshots

Let’s pretend to be casting agents rather than viewers of celebrity headshots, and contemplate for yourself – who would you hire for a timeless movie production?  Just for fun contemplate these headshots of three male celebrities, before they became famous.  Can you guess the celebrity headshots? Example a) Who is this young man?  He will […]

Dennis Hopper 1936 to 2010

  Dennis Hopper 1936 to 2010   It is with a great deal of regret and a sense of sorrow that I dedicate today’s Art of Headshots daily blog, towards one of the most brilliant actor’s of our time, the late Dennis Hopper.   His brilliant career includes my favorite monologue, set in the movie […]

Portrait Photography vs Headshots Image

    Headshots vs Portraits   What is the difference between headshots and portraits? Is it just words? Are there style differences?    Headshots is the new terminology for modern Portraits.  While portraits was a style of photography that was mainly to capture the greatness of celebrities, politicians and monarchs.  A portrait photographer would make sure […]

Casgting Headshots Part 4

Headshots for Casting Part 4 How to choose a photographer? Looking for your greatest image for casting? Want to stand out? Need results? Finding a photographer that can deliver results may be a difficult task. Most photographers offer Headshots for Casting, but few deliver the wanted results. Choosing a professional photographer that specializes in Headshots, […]

Location Shoot vs Studio Headshots for Casting, Workbook and Auditions

Most photographers offer two type of Headshots – studio and/or location shoot. We will cover the advantages and disadvantages of both to help you the actor be informed of what may or not work for your personality, needs and desired outcome. Location Headshots (advantages) – Location shoots can be a bit more creative than studio. […]

Actor’s Headshots

Actor’s Headshots A casting agent receives hundred or thousands of 8X10’s to fill out a role. He or She tries to match the face to the desired role. Wouldn’t you want a headshots that stands out? A headshots that says this person is just what we want? Sometimes they are looking for a certain look, […]

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