Business Headshots Review

February 5, 2021

Great portraits go beyond the ink on the paper or the shiny precious metals lighting up our monitors; it’s an emotional document of a person’s heart and soul. This approach for producing headshots has awarded me the privilege of interviewing outstanding people and teams who are shaping our world.

Today, I am privileged to receive a business headshots review by Kevin Foreman, the CEO of BSBCON, a company with a team of professionals helping corporations build their dreams as his company has successfully secured Art of Headshots, an export government grant for our expansion efforts into the California and Texan markets,

Thank you Kevin

My Experience With Art of Headshots

In the summer of 2020 our company was redesigning our website when we realized we needed professional headshots. 

I searched the web and found wedding photographers, amateur photographers, sports photographers and well, you get the idea!  Luckily I came across Art of Headshots – Vancouver

Business Headshots Review

Instead of booking online I decided to give them a call (Yes, I’m one of those people). 

I was welcomed by the Founder and CEO, Carlos Taylhardat.  He walked me through the process, and assured me that one of our directors, who at the time lived in Calgary would be able to have their portrait taken there, and it would match ours in Vancouver. 

The day of the shoot I arrived and met two colleagues there.  I had a great feeling about this place!  Our managing director went first, and then it was my turn.

Carlos welcomed me into the studio, and let me know “the most authentic portraits come from a good conversation”.  Instead of feeling unnatural and tense, I began to feel more relaxed and like myself then ever.

As I was being photographed by Carlos, and letting him know about my story and my “why” I realized he genuinely believed in me as an entrepreneur.  The photos continued and so did the conversation.

“Ok, Kevin, I want you to close your eyes and when you open them just think about what it’s going to be like when your company provides that impact”.

Something that we don’t celebrate enough as entrepreneurs, are those who believe in us.  I remember feeling really good in that shoot, and acknowledging that our firm was going to achieve what it had set out for.

Our entire team enjoyed our experience with Art of Headshots, including our director in Calgary, who’s headshot matches ours in Vancouver. 

Now, I’d like to say what a professional headshot can do for you.

Kevin Foreman

Since I’ve received my portrait from Art of Headshots I’ve seen a world of change.  I also find my asking, “why don’t more people and companies invest in an up to date, professional headshot?”.

Maybe people don’t understand the value of a professional headshot?

The reality is your headshot can always be better, if it’s anything other than professionally shot.  So why not invest a few hundred dollars into something that you will literally use every day?

I mean, we continue to see the power of social media in marketing yourself, and your business.  Especially on business to business platforms like Linkedin, where your profile picture is it.

I would lastly like to talk about Carlos as a contact, client, and friend.  Previous to that shoot and I had never met him before, but now he’s someone I speak to quite frequently. 

He’s been a client of our company Bsbcon, (Anchor Text) and in the process I’ve had the pleasure to learn more about him.  Carlos is an individual who believes in what he does, and expresses it through the product he and his team delivers.

Thank you, Carlos, and the Art of Headshots team!  I look forward to many more years of headshots with special people behind the camera. 

Kevin Foreman

President, Bsbcon

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Art of Headshots Vancouver Studio

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Book an appointment with Art of Headshots using Setmore

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